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Terms of Booking

This document is a formal and binding agreement between Kaleidoscope Duo (the performer) and you (the client). This document outlines the conditions of hire. It is required that you read and agree to these in order to fully complete your booking. This document, when agreed to, states that the client agrees to book the services offered by Kaleidoscope Duo on the specified date and time at the stated location (the venue) adhering to any constraints applied by the venue. Please check with the venue before booking the performer that live music is suitable. Please ensure that the venue is aware of the performer’s requirements, particularly to power access and space.


The performer will provide all the sound equipment necessary to play at the client’s ceremony and/or reception/event.

Access will be required to the performance area to set up equipment and sound check prior to the initially agreed performance times. Please ensure the venue staff and the event coordinator are aware that we will be performing and that they leave a suitable space for the performer in the ceremony area and drinks reception/event area to perform.

If the performer is booked for both ceremony and drinks reception, they will require time to change rooms and move or set up additional equipment after the ceremony. This usually takes around 15 minutes and does not come out of the time the client has booked them to play. The length of performance the client has booked is the length of time live music will be provided for - this is subject to the next statements:

The performer cannot be held responsible for a late start if the event is not running to the venue’s original schedule. Delays in the event prior to performer’s access to the performance area are out with the performer’s power and the performer will not be held liable for a late start or early finish in this case. If the schedule of the event does not accommodate the length of performance time booked, the performer cannot be held liable for reduced performance times.

If the performance time is greatly reduced by 1 hour or more from the initial booking time, the client will be partially refunded through the conditions stated in Section 5. REFUND POLICIES.

If the performance time is reduced to the extent where it is no longer possible to provide live music, then the travel fee and refund policy as stated in Section 5. REFUND POLICIES will apply.

Late weddings/events do not constitute any other reduction in fees or extended playing times in any circumstance


The venue may have a music entertainment licence. It is the client’s responsibility to enquire about this. The performer cannot play music (live or from an electronic device) outside of licensed times.

Sound limiters are present in some venues. The client should be aware of these. The performer will play at a volume to accommodate any sound limiters if present.

Some venues do not allow amplification in certain areas in and around the building. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that an amplified live music performance is suitable at the venue of the event.

The performer requires access to a power source in the form of a BS1363 socket.

The venue must provide the performer with a suitable performance space with access to a power source.

The performer reserves the right to refuse to perform if there are unsafe or unsuitable conditions provided by the venue. Unsafe and unsuitable conditions are decided at the discretion of the performer. In this case, the standard travel fee stated in Section 5. REFUND POLICIES will apply and the remainder of any money paid by the client (not including the deposit) will be refunded.



Unless prearranged with the performer prior to the event, no guests are permitted to use the performer’s equipment.

The performer provides their own equipment and will bring everything required. The venue must provide suitable power outlets. If there is difficulty sourcing power outlets, the set up time may increase with the same conditions as in 1. SET UP AND PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS.



In the unfortunate circumstance that the event is cancelled at any time prior to the event, the client is liable for the following:

  • 100% of Balance Due if cancellation is 4 weeks or less from the date of the event.

  • 50% of Balance Due if cancellation is between 4 and 8 weeks from the date of the event.

  • 25% of Balance Due if cancellation is between 8 and 26 weeks before the date of the event.

  • 0% of Balance Due if cancellation notice of more than 26 weeks is given.

The deposit paid at the time of booking is non-refundable.

If the booking has been cancelled without any notification given to the performer, the full balance due is owed to the performer.

If a booking must be rescheduled, the client’s deposit can be transferred towards a new date subject to the performer’s availability. No cancellation fees are due in this case providing booking details of the event and venue can be given to the performer by the client.



If a performance is no longer possible for a reason out of the performer’s control (including but not limited to: unsafe conditions; no appropriate time for the performance on the day etc), then a standard travel fee of £100 is kept by the performer in addition to the initial booking deposit. Any money remaining from the initial balance due fee is refunded after this travel fee is deducted.

If the booking has been cancelled without any notification given to the performer, this does not adhere to the conditions of refund due to no performance. The full balance due is owed to the performer. Cancelled events do not fall under the terms of reduced performance times and are subject to 4. BOOKING CANCELLATIONS.

In cases where playing time is greatly reduced from the previously agreed performance time by 1 hour or more, but a performance is still carried out, a refund of maximum £75 is due to the client - this is only applicable to reception bookings exceeding 1 hour.

If the performer, for any reason, cannot be at the venue at the agreed time and date, then the client is entitled to a full refund including the initial deposit paid at the time of booking. In cases of performer illness, an alternative performer may be offered but the client reserves the right to refuse this and fully cancel the booking where a full refund will be issued inclusive of the booking deposit payment.

Any refunds outside of these conditions are at the performer’s discretion.

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